The Power Air Fryer Oven Reviews And Buying Guides in 2021

Known for their advanced technology and controls, the Power Air Fryer Ovens have been a top pick for most users out there. With these units, you get an all-in-one appliance that serves you accordingly while meeting your cooking needs too. They are so advanced that they are perfect for large families or if you are preparing meals for guests. That being said, let us look at some of the top Power Air Fryer Oven reviews.

Power Air Fryer Oven Reviews & Comparison

Top 5 Power AirFryer Oven Reviews

Most Power Air Fryer Ovens come with a large size that makes it ideal for cooking food for more than five people. But there are still some that are best for two or three people. Either way, here is a look at the top 5 Power Air Fryer Ovens to consider.

1. 8 QT Family Sized Power Air Fryer Oven Review

For those with a large family or if you always host visitors in the house, this unit would suit you perfectly. It is one advanced unit that performs decently as well. This one comes with a number of functions that make it versatile enough.

With this air fryer, you get 7-in-1 cooking convenience that assures you of nothing but reliability. You can replace your regular toaster and oven with this unit. Furthermore, you won’t need a rotisserie, deep fryer, microwave, or dehydrator oven when you have this appliance.

The air fryer oven has been made to offer you maximum versatility with your cooking. Besides that, the user experience is easy and not stressful at all.

power air fryer oven reviews

This air fryer works with a technology that offers a whirlwind of superheated hot air that assures you of evenly cooked meals. You will not have to worry about any undercooked foods when you are working with this unit.

Above all, you can be confident of having crispy fried food that is moist enough inside. The manufacturers of this air fryer understood the cooking requirements of the users. That is why they offer you a large air fryer basket, along with a detachable basket handle. Furthermore, you get a deep-sided air flow racks, rotisserie assembly, as well as a pizza and reheat restaurant-style rotisserie stand for displaying the meals.

The controls on this one are digital and one-touch to give you an easy time when adjusting the temperature and time accordingly. You also get a cookbook with easy to follow recipes.

What We Loved

  • Big enough for more preparing food for more than five people
  • Highly versatile
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Advanced digital control
  • Innovative airflow technology
  • It features a view glass for checking the cooking progress

What Could Be Better

  • A large turkey might not fit

2. Power AirFryer XL Oven558 Air Fryer Oven

This unit is almost similar to the first product on the list, but this one comes with a brighter look. First off, it features a red color theme that makes it pop on your kitchen counter.

Besides the bright color, this unit also comes with state-of-the-art technology that makes it a very reliable unit to have in the house. It has a 1500 watt power rating that features the Turbo Cyclonic power to offer enough energy to cook your food. This works along with the Rapid Air Technology that will cook food with a whirlwind of superheated air. In other words, you will get evenly cooked meals that are crispy enough as well.

power air fryer reviews

One of the features to love about this air fryer is the cool-to-the-touch EZ grip handle. First off, this handle has a nice grip that prevents any possible slippage. But also, it means that you won’t have to worry about getting burned when the air fryer is cooking. Keep in mind that the housing also has a cool-touch design to prevent any burns.

Another safety/security feature is the auto-shutoff timer that will go off as soon as the time runs out. When it is done, you can comfortably take out your food and be ready to serve it.

Furthermore, this one comes with a view window to let you check the cooking progress and know when if the food is coming out brown enough.

The accessories are all nonstick coated and stainless steel to give you an easy time when cleaning them.

What We Loved

  • Elegant red theme
  • Features a one-touch control panel with seven presets
  • The glass door is removable for easy cleaning
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Cool-touch handle and housing prevent burning
  • Comes with three Eric Thesis Cookbooks

What Could Be Better 

  • Dough can soak through the spaces of the baking rack

3. 6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven

This product also features in this Power air fryer oven review. It is a good unit to consider if you are in search of an air fryer that can meet your family’s cooking needs. The air fryer runs on advanced technology to help you achieve excellent results with your meals.

This one runs on the Rapid Air Technology that can cook food with a whirlwind of super-hot air. If your deep fryer or oven tends to give you undercooked meals, this unit right here would be the best pick to help you prepare well-cooked meals. Whatever you are frying in, this unit will come out well-cooked.

power airfryer oven reviews

There is a one-touch digital control panel that gives you an easy time when you need to control the unit. The temperature and time are all easy to adjust on this beast, and you also get eight preset to let you enjoy versatile cooking with it.

Keep in mind that there is an innovative LED digital display panel that shows the cooking presets, time, and temperature that you have selected. Besides that, the cooker comes with a multi-rack, which offers you three cooking layers.

Also, there is an extra-large, and easy-grip handle that assures you of a sure grip when you are opening the door. We won’t forget to mention that the air fryer comes with a crystal clear XL window that allows you to check the cooking progress of the food inside.

You can set temperatures up to 400F, and enjoy an auto-shutoff timer. This will shut off the cooker when the timer set has run out.

What We Loved

  • Sturdy design
  • Large enough to handle enough food for 4 or 5 people
  • Eight cooking presets onboard
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Large handle for offering a better grip

What Could Be Better 

  • It consumes a lot of space

4. Power Air Fryer Review – XL 3.4 QT Black

If you don’t like the large bowl-type air fryer design, you can opt for the space-saving drawer design. Just remember that this one doesn’t come with a viewing window. Regardless of that, it is still a reliable unit to have in your kitchen.

The air fryer comes with a 3.4qt cooking capacity that should prepare meals for two to four people. So, it can be a good pick for a small family. Besides that, the air fryer runs with the Rapid Air Technology that will circulate super-hot air around the frying basket. This assures you of crispy meals that are moist enough inside.

power air fryer oven review

Also, the air fryer comes with a digital control panel. Here, you get a touch panel that has controls, including time, temperature, as well as 7 presets. Among the presets, you can choose to grill, saute, steam, bake, roast, or air fry with this unit.

The temperature can be adjusted up to 400F, which can help you cook any type of food with the needed temperatures. The best part is that the air fryer will not overheat even when the temperature is set at maximum. It comes with cool-touch housing and handles that prevent accidental burns. Luckily, there is a timer and auto-shutoff to prevent the food from overcooking. This also helps to prevent the unit

By the way, the technology on this one helps to cut down the oil use by up to 80%, which helps to keep you healthy as you cook.

What We Loved

  • It comes with a space-saving design
  • Easy to use and control
  • Seven cooking presets onboard
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Auto shut off timer onboard

What Could Be Better 

  • Some people had a slight issue when closing the drawer

5. Power Air Fryer Reviews – XL 3.4 QT

This is the last product on our Power air fryer review, and it doesn’t disappoint at all. It will be a good pick if you are going for a smaller unit to feed between two to four people.

It comes with a nice red look that makes it pop out in the kitchen. The air fryer will not take much space on your counter, and you can even store it in the cabinet if need be. But we didn’t just pick it up for its look and design. Rather, this one also performs decently with its features and functions.

power air fryer review

This one might be small, but it can quickly replace your deep fryer, baking pan, grill pan, or that convection toaster oven. When you get this air fryer, you can confidently cook foods such as steak, French fries, pies, waffle fries, fish tacos, chicken, donuts, and even pudding. There is no limit to what you can cook with this air fryer.

All that is made possible with the combination of innovative technology and other cooking modes. The air fryer comes with Rapid Air Technology that allows superheated air to circulate around the frying basket inside to give you crispy foods that are juicy inside. Furthermore, it comes with seven presets that let you choose the mode for cooking whichever meal you want.

Keep in mind that the controls come in a one-touch panel to give you an easy time when adjusting the time and temperature or to choose the right cooking preset.

What We Loved

  • Multifunctional cooker
  • It can easily fit in your cabinet
  • Comes with an accessory kit for versatile cooking
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Cool-touch handle and housing
  • Elegant red look

What Could Be Better 

  • Not ideal for a large family

Getting the Best of the Power Air Fryer Ovens

What is a Power Air Fryer

This is an advanced kitchen appliance that is multi-functional and runs on innovative technology to help you enjoy multiple functions in one unit. The appliance is combined with a rotisserie and a dehydrator, among other features. You can use it as a microwave, oven, or air fryer all at once. This is made possible by the features onboard.

Finding the Right Power Air Fryer

When in search of the best Power air fryer, it is important to consider some top factors. Here is what you should look for in a Power Air Fryer;

  • The size and cooking capacity. This should be defined by the size of your kitchen or cooking area, along with the number of people in the house. If you have a family of more than five people, it is advised to go for a unit with 8Qt or more. But if there are a few people in the house, then a smaller unit would do.
  • The cooking presets. A lot of people prefer having a unit that has multiple cooking presets. These preset mean that you can cook different meals in the same unit altogether. Mostly, units with digital control panels tend to have the cooking presets.
  • User experience. It is important to understand how to use Power air fryer. This can only be made possible by choosing a unit that is user-friendly. So, how does the power air fryer work? Ideally, check that the air fryer comes with a manual that describes how the unit works.

It would be even better to have a unit that has a cookbook. With the cookbook, you can be sure of finding helpful tips and recipes such as how to cook frozen French fries in a power air fryer oven. Don’t forget to go for an air fryer that falls in your budget bracket and has the needed features and accessories.


Always go for the right air fryer that meets your needs accordingly. When going through the Power Air Fryer Oven reviews, ensure that you choose one that will serve you accordingly.

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