Nuwave 6 QT Air Fryer Reviews

Nuwave 6 QT Air Fryer Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

NuWave stands among the leading cooking appliance brands on the market, and it has proven to be reputable enough with its delivery of high-quality units. Air fryers are among the cooking appliances are among the products made by NuWave. You probably have come across multiple NuWave 6 Qt air fryer reviews out there. However, today we will do a more in-depth review of this air fryer to help you get a deeper understanding.

Without any further ado, let us get down to business.

NuWave 6 QT Air Fryer Review and Overview

Before we can dig deep into exploring the air fryer, it would be essential to have an overview of how it is and if it would be a wise purchase. The first thing to notice about the air fryer is its design. It comes with a sweet, futuristic design that anyone would love having it in their home.

The touch-control panel on the top side makes it very unique and different from other units out there. It is also large enough to cook for a family without a problem. Even though it is an advanced cooking appliance, this one is very user-friendly. With this cooker, you will not only be sure of cooking finger-licking meals, but you’ll also be confident of enjoying healthy meals.

Nuwave 6 QT Air Fryer Reviews

Key Features of NuWave 37001 Air Fryer

Big Size/Enough for a Family

If you have a family and you want an air fryer that can perfectly cook food for everyone at once, this should be your ideal choice. This cooker is designed to cook food for more than three people. It comes with a 6-quart basket that is bigger than most air fryer baskets out there. With this 6-qt basket, you can cook 3 pounds of French Fries, over 2 pounds of wings, four chicken breasts, and more.

Still, it is small enough to fit in your small kitchen without a problem comfortably. By the way, you can get this baby for your RV.

Specifically, this product measures 16.5 by 15.1 by 13.1 inches. So yes, it can fit in just about any kitchen counter.

Advanced Cooking Technology

Like any other air fryer out there, this one also comes with the iconic AirCrist technology that helps to keep your food crispy on the crust but moist inside. It runs on super-heated air, which flows perfectly around the air fryer. You won’t need a drop of oil when preparing food in this unit.

Besides that, you can enjoy an even heat distribution in the air fryer. The NuWave Brio comes with a cooking champers that are uniquely designed. In these champers, the super-heated air will circulate all the around the food to assure you of evenly-cooked foods. This is because the food will be cooking from all sides at the same time. Here, your meals will be crunchy on the outside but juicy inside.

Versatile Cooker 

Did you know that this air fryer does more than just preparing food that you want to be crispy? It won’t only prepare your crispy fries or chicken. Rather, the air fryer can be used to cook virtually any meal. Surprisingly, this one can even prepare dessert. So yes, this one unit can be used to prepare just about any type of food for the day.

Digital Controls

If you are not a fan of the analog controls on an air fryer, this one would please you. You don’t have to worry about turning the knobs on this one. With this air fryer, you don’t only get a futuristic design, but also advanced controls. There is a control panel on the top surface of the cooker. First off, the placement of the control panel is more user-friendly than the other ones that are placed on the front section.

All you have to do is touch the control, and it will respond instantly. You get multiple cook modes that are designed to make work easier for you. This one can cook between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. But the best part is that adjusting the temperature is a walk in the park. You can simply press a button to change the temperature in increments of 5 degrees.

It also offers consistent cooking temperature as it comes with a digital switch. This switch will check the temperature 120 times per second to reduce the fluctuations of temperature and ensure that the temperature that you chose is constant. We thought that was a good feature.

There are shortcut menu and mode buttons that you can quickly choose as you use the air fryer. You get six preset menu selections. With these ones, you can cook homemade fries, chicken nuggets, frozen fries, frozen fish sticks, chicken breasts, and steak. Luckily, you’ll only need to press a button to choose your ideal cook mode/function.

Wattage Control

Isn’t it hard to find an air fryer that has a wattage control? It is not common to find one. However, this one comes with a wattage control that lets you adjust the wattage from 1800 watts to 1500 watts and even bring it down to 900 watts.

Safety Features Onboard

Another feature that is on this unit, which is not common to find on other air fryers, is the advanced safety feature. There is an inbuilt safety feature that will shut down the unit whenever the basket is removed. It will remain off until the basket is replaced and closed securely.

Easy to Clean 

Nobody wants to work with a unit that would give them a hard time when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Luckily, the NuWave Brio comes with a fry pan basket and base tray that feature a PFOA-free non-stick coating. This will assure you that the food doesn’t stick on the surface. It also gives you an easy time when cleaning since it is dishwasher-safe.


  • Elegant design
  • Cooks for more than three people
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto shuts off when the tray is open
  • You can use the NuWave cooking club app to get recipes and cooking ideas
  • Preheat and reheat functions
  • Advanced controls
  • Adjustable wattage
  • You can cook two foods at the same time


  • The non-stick coating will peel over time


Now, there goes our NuWave 6 Qt air fryer review. We are confident you have enough information to help you decide whether to get it or not. But we’d advise you to get it if you want a reliable unit that comes with advanced features too. The price is also reasonable enough.

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