The Ninja Air Fryer Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

Ninja is a leading kitchen appliance brand that has been around for many years. They are known for their top-rated appliances, and among them are the air fryers. But we are not here to talk about the Ninja brand. Rather, we will be looking at 5 of the best Ninja air fryer reviews.

You might be wanting the best Ninja air fryer, but you don’t know where to start. Worry not because this article is meant for you. Here, we will be looking at the Ninja pressure cooker and air fryer reviews to help you choose the right unit with ease.

Let’s get on with it.

Ninja Air Fryer Reviews & Comparison

Top 5 Ninja Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Reviews

We know there are so many Ninja air fryers out there, but here are the five units we thought are worth including in your shopping list.

1. Ninja Air Fryer AF101

First off on the list is this air fryer that has proven to be a great pick to have in the kitchen. This one is large enough for three to four people, and its delivery isn’t too bad either.

The air fryer has been made to cut down fat usage by 75% compared to traditional fryers. With this unit, you get a wide temperature range of between 105F and 400F, which allows you to remove the moisture from the food gently. It can also cook crispy foods faster with convection heat.

Specifically, the air fryer comes with a 4qt cooking capacity, which is able to cook up to 2lb of fries. Or chicken wings. So yes, it can truly cook food for up to four people.

ninja air fryer reviews

Keep in mind that it comes with a nonstick basket, along with a crisper that have been ceramic coated. In other words, it will barely peel off the coating even after a long time of using it.

If you love working with digital controls, you will enjoy working with this one. The air fryer features a one-touch control panel that will give you an easy time when adjusting the time and temperature. You can choose between 4 programmable cooking functions on the air fryer.

By the way, the basket, multilayer rack, and crisper plate are all dishwasher safe to give you an easy time when working with them.

Unfortunately, you will have to preheat this air fryer before you can start using it. Ideally, preheat it for around 3 minutes before you start adding ingredients to the food.

What We Loved

  • Elegant design
  • Comes with dishwasher safe parts
  • You can change the temperature manually
  • Cooks up to 2lb of Fries or chicken wings
  • It has been tested against selected foods
  • Durable ceramic coating on cooking parts

What Could Be Better 

  • It is not the best pick to use as an oven
  • You must preheat it before using

2. Ninja Air Fryer Review – AF161 Max XL

Here is another top air fryer that you’d love to have in your kitchen. It has a number of similarities to the previous unit, but there are a number of differences still.

Well, like the first unit, this one also has a cooking technology that is meant to reduce the oil used by 75%. Even though some can reduce that by 80 or 90, we still think this air fryer is worth picking for your cooking needs.

There is a Max crisp technology online that offers you superheated air of up to 450F to cook foods up to 30% faster than most fryers.

ninja pressure cooker and air fryer reviews

If you want a slightly bigger unit that can prepare enough food for the family, this one would be a good pick for you. Here, you get a cooking capacity of 5.5Qt that can prepare up to 3lbs of chicken wings or fries. So yes, a family would perfectly find this air fryer helpful.

There are some cooking accessories such as the ceramic-coated nonstick basket and crisper plate, along with a broil rack. The broil rack allows you to get crispier foods. On the other hand, the crisper and basket ensures that the foods you prepare don’t stick as you cook. Furthermore, this broiling rack helps to bring the food closer to the heating elements for ideal broiling.

We have to acknowledge the one-touch control panel that needs a single touch to choose the cooking functions, temperature, or time as you need.

The rapid fan speed and super-hot temperature allow you to cook food faster and ensure that they are crispy enough.

With this cooker, you can air roast, air fry, Max Crisp, dehydrate, reheat, and air broil.

What We Loved

  • Offers hotter temperatures for a crisper finish
  • Enhanced LCD control panel that is easy to use
  • Rapid fan speed for fast cooking
  • Ceramic-coated basket
  • Easy to clean parts
  • Futuristic look

What Could Be Better 

  • It gives a weird smell when cooking

3. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Reviews – OP401

This air fryer comes with advanced technology to assure you of advanced cooking experience. This one is loaded with tender-crisp technology. With this technology, you can be confident about cooking foods quickly that are crispy outside and moist inside.

A crisping lid comes with the lid to offer you golden and crispy meals that are super delicious. This will be a good pick if you have a large family of 5 or more. The air fryer comes with a cooking capacity of 8qt, which can cook food of up to 7lb of chicken for the whole fam.

The best part is that the crisp basket and pot are ceramic coated that will prevent the foods from sticking to the surfaces. Keep in mind that these parts are ceramic-coated but still PTFE/PFOA free. Furthermore, they are very easy to clean.

ninja foodi pressure cooker and air fryer reviews

This air fryer can do a lot of things other than just air frying. You can also use it to pressure cook your food at 70% faster than the traditional units. There is a hydrate function that lets you make homemade jerky and chips.

Like other units on the air fryer also comes with an advanced digital control panel, along with an LCD screen. The one-touch control panel is easy to use, and will generally give you an easy time when changing the temperature or time. The cooking presets are also easy to select on the panel.

Do you want to learn a few cooking recipes on your new air fryer? Worry not because this one offers you a recipe book to guide you accordingly. There are a few accessories that come with this air fryer to help you accordingly.

What We Loved

  • 4-in-1 cooker
  • Can be used as a pressure cooker too
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper than an Instant Pot
  • Easy to clean
  • Features a cookbook

What Could Be Better 

  • Not ideal for a small kitchen space

4. OP301 Ninja Air Fryer Amazon

Here is another Ninja air fryer Amazon unit that you can consider buying for your cooking needs at home.

This one comes with a TenderCrisp technology that lets you cook ingredients quickly. There is also a Crisping Lid that works along with the technology to offer you crispy and golden finish meals. The Ninja OP301 can pressure cook up to 70% faster than the traditional cooking methods. On the other hand, it can air fry with up to 75% less fat than traditional fryers.

ninja air fryer review

In terms of capacity, this one boasts of 6.5qt, which makes it qualify among the top units meant for families. This gives you the chance to cook fries of 3lbs or a 5lb chicken. In other words, you can throw in a whole chicken in this beast, and it will not let you down.

We loved the 14 incredible levels of safety on this air fryer. It passed rigorous testing to assure you of a UL safety certification. In turn, this gives you confidence and peace of mind as you cook your meals.

There is a one-touch LCD control panel that lets you choose the time and temperature with ease. You don’t have to press buttons or turn dials with this cooking master.

The air fryer comes with a ceramic coated pot and basket, along with a stainless steel reversible rack. With this rack, you won’t have to worry about it catching rust or corrosion. It is also naturally nonstick.

By the way, we loved that this air fryer comes with an added new yogurt function. So yes, this is a very versatile unit that you would want to have at home.

What We Loved

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Elegant blue light pattern that shows as the air fryer is cooking
  • Comes with a display window for monitoring the cooking progress
  • Features a yogurt function
  • Ceramic-coated pot and basket
  • Stainless steel reversible rack
  • Auto-shutoff timer

What Could Be Better 

  • The air fryer lid is hinged and non-removable
  • The power cord is too short

5. Ninja Foodi AG301

This marks the last unit on our list, but it certainly isn’t the least favorable. On the contrary, this is one of the most advanced air fryers out there since it comes with an advanced cooking technology.

This air fryer can offer cooking temperatures of up to 500F, which can cook just about any type of food out there. Besides, the air fryer comes with a BTU cooking power that is compared to an outdoor grill. In other words, it will bring the outdoor grill flavor right to your kitchen counter.

ninja air fryer amazon

It is a grill that can sizzle, sear, as well as air fry without a single problem. This unit will transform foods from frOunceen to char-grilled in just 25 minutes. Keep in mind that the parts of this cooker are all dishwasher safe and very much nonstick.

The cyclonic grilling technology helps to ensure the foods are well cooked on every side. Coming with a cooking capacity of 6qt, this unit can help you prepare foods for the entire family with ease. There are plenty of accessories that come with this unit.

First off, there is the nonstick grill grate that measures 10 by 10 inches, nonstick pot, and basket, as well as a cleaning brush to help you clean the cooking parts as needed. Above all, there is a recipe book that guides you with the ingredients accordingly.

What We Loved 

  • Cooks with up to 500F temperature
  • Comes with a cleaning brush for the grill
  • Cookbook and instruction manual included
  • Cooks enough food for a family
  • Sturdy and durable

What Could Be Better 

  • It can be challenging to use for a beginner

How To Use Ninja Air Fryer – Buying Guide

Now, there goes our Ninja air fryer review. With it, you can be sure of finding some of the top-rated Ninja air fryers out there. The best part is that most of them come with multiple functions to give you advanced cooking experience.

But if you want to buy the best air fryer out there, here are some of the things you should keep in mind;

  • Size/cooking capacity

It is important to know about the size of the cooker in relation to the cooking capacity. How many people are in the house? Is it for your RV, or you want it for the entire family? For a family, always go for a cooker with a cooking capacity of 5qt or more.

  • Controls/Cooking Presets

A lot of people love working with cookers that come with multiple cooking presets. With such, all you will need to do is select the specific preset, and it will cook with the right temperature and time instead of guessing.

  • Cooking accessories

There are multiple accessories that come with an air fryer, but the most important ones are the frying basket and crisper. These two allow you to cook in the air fryer without any problem. You can also go for other accessories based on the type of air fryer you bought.

  • User experience

You want to get a unit that won’t give you a difficult time when working with it. Anybody should know how to use Ninja air fryer and how to clean Ninja air fryer with ease. Alternatively, you can depend on the user manual to guide you accordingly.

Don’t forget about the price and warranty cover as you choose the air fryer.


With that, we are confident that you can get the best Ninja air fryer out there with ease. Don’t forget to consider your cooking needs as you go through the available units out there.

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