How To Cook Salmon In Air Fryer?

Many people haven’t realized just how vital and unique an air fryer is. Infact, most of them view an air fryer as unnecessary additional appliance whose use they can’t figure out. It is, however, understandable. You don’t need a new appliance in the name of a fryer if you have an oven that does the same job. On the contrary, these people haven’t realized they need to learn how to cook salmon in a different way than the usual.

Salmon Air Fryer Recipe

If you have lots of appliances and other kitchen wares eating up the kitchen space, then the last thing you would want is an air fryer. This is because it is going to take up extra space. However, if you understand the unique aspect an air fryer brings to your cooking, you will be fast in finding space. 

Should you buy an air fryer?

An outward appearance of air fryers could push you away from buying them. However, the physical look is not all that is there to look in an air fryer. If you look beyond the make and design, then you will realize an air fryer is worth the money you spend in its purchase. 

The market has many types of air fryers. Your choice of fryer will be determined by how large your kitchen is. If you want to use the fryer for some commercial purposes, then you might consider buying a relatively larger fryer. You will not need to cook small amounts of food.

Almost everybody is now buying a fryer for their kitchen. The main reason is that air fryers cook food crunchier, delicious, and fast. Cleaning air fryer is such a simple task. If you need to cook, you will only clean the fryer basket, and you are good to go.

There are many things you can make in an air fryer. It is not only limited to cooking salmon. No. You can have your breaded pork chops or seasoned boneless ribs air fried, and you will never hate the results. So if you haven’t had one, hurry up and purchase it. You are missing out on so much.

This recipe is quite simple to follow and very precise. 


  1. Salmon that are relatively thicker
  2. A substantive amount of avocado oil.
  3. You should never miss paprika
  4. Little salt and pepper
  5. Some lemon chunks would do


  • The first step should be removing any bone from the fish. Once you are through with removing bones, brush the fillets with the mixture of olive oil. 
  • Next is to season the fish.
  • Arrange all the salmon in the basket. 
  • Begin cooking, which should last for about seven minutes. Set the temperature at 390F.
  • Open the lid once cooking is done
  • Remove the salmon and serve as you wish.


How long should I cook salmon in an air fryer? The cooking time should last for 8 minutes while the preparation time should be 5 minutes. You can always open the fryer to ensure cooking is not overdone. Cooking time will differ from one fillet to the other. 

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