How To Cook Pork Chops In Air Fryer? 2021

Pork is not as common as we would expect. One of the main reason could be the kind of poor cooking we subject them to. Most of the time, we time to overcook the chops. The result of such haphazard cooking is dry, dull and flavourless pork chops that do not excite in any way. However, you can now learn how to make pork chops in an air fryer and experience a completely new taste and flavour.

Air Fryer Pork Chops Recipe

The air fryer can transform that dull and dry pork chops to an amazingly crunchy and delicious snack. In an air fryer, the pork chops get coated in spices to add it the necessary deliciously looking crust. Additionally, an air fryer does the cooking relatively fast compared to the oven or grill. This essentially means the pork chops will come out not dry. It is moist enough to give it that necessary golden appearance.

Instructions on how to make air fryer chops.

  • Consider using pork chops that have little oil. An air fryer should be able to do away with all the excess fat.
  • It would be advisable if you used thinner pork chops. 
  • Try not to overdo the chops. You can know when to stop cooking by using a meat thermometer.

Ingredients to use

  1. Onion powder
  2. Olive grease
  3. Red spray
  4. Minced garlic
  5. Kosher salt
  6. Grounded paper

How do you cook that perfect air fryer pork chops?

One unique thing about this air fryer pork chops recipe is that once you start cooking, you do not need to watch over it. You only need to put the right ingredients into the fryer and wait for it to be ready. There is no need to worry about flipping. Sit back and wait for the chops to be ready.

The air fryer, apart from just cooking, adds some adorable crust to the outer layer of the pork chops. The crisp in turns gives the chops a tantalizing texture.

You will need to do the following in order to come up with flawless pork chops.

  • Mix the herbs, seasoning, and little olive oil in one bowl. Stir all the mixture, as you crush the herbs with the spoon.
  • Put all the chops in the basket. However, you should ensure they are well arranged to enable them to cook evenly.
  • Begin cooking, setting the temperature at 380 degrees.

How long should it take to cook pork chops properly? You might need at least 15 minutes to have evenly grilled pork chops. However, the cooking time might also depend on the number of chops being cooked. Another aspect to look at is whether it is a breaded pork chops. Breaded pork chops might take relatively bigger space in the fryer.

It means it will be difficult to cook all of them at once. It might be time-consuming cooking in batches.

Breaded pork chops are however crispier and more delicious. The flavour of the two does not vary much. They are the same. Nevertheless, cooking breaded pork chops means you are going to use a lot of the basket’s space. You won’t, therefore, be able to cook in large quantity at once.

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