How To Cook Hot Dogs In Air Fryer?

Hot dogs have been with us for quite a while now. We have continued to cook and enjoy them without giving much thought about other alternative methods for its preparation. While we’ve continued to be obsessed with its taste, the air fryer is giving it a new meaning. Many people are now learning how to cook hot dogs in an air fryer.

An air fryer is a more straightforward method of cooking and is quite fast. Moreover, it does not leave a lot of dirt after cooking. You only need the air fryer basket for use.

If you are excited about crispy and slightly overcooked, then an air fryer is your ideal choice. You can always choose not to have a crunchy hot dog by cooking them to your desired texture. Are you planning a family gathering or you want to throw some random party?

Well, never worry. You have the chance to treat them to some tasty hot dogs. Let them sample the charred, smoky and, crispy flavour like you always do.

Air Fryer Hot Dog Recipe

You may be wondering how many pieces of hotdogs you can fry at once. The answer to this may not be as straightforward as such. However, for any average air fryer, you can cook a total of 12 hotdogs at ago. Nonetheless, you should be cautious enough not to stuff the whole basket. Too many of them could result in undercooking.

Should you mix it with toasted buns?

There a lot of people still cooking hot digs by just boiling them. They never bother to toast them. Maybe it’s because the whole process of toasting the buns means one has to use a pan. Alternatively, you can use an oven for toasting. These people do not have that time.

Unfortunately, by bypassing toasting, they end up with not so delicious hotdogs. If you want perfectly cooked and crunchy hotdogs, consider using toasted buns. 

What would you need to make a hotdog in an air fryer?

  • First thing on the list must be an air fryer. As you cook and put the hotdogs in the basket, you will need a pair of tongs. In this case, we are going to use a stainless steel bolting pair of tongs.
  • Next in the list should be a grill pan. 
  • You will need one or two measuring cups and a set of measuring spoons. 
  • Lastly, ensure you get an air fryer liner.

Now, what about the ingredients?

 Any excess amount of ingredients used will ruin your cooking. You will need:

  1. Hot dog buns
  2. Hot dogs
  3. Ketchup 
  4. Mustard and lastly,
  5. You will need oil spray for coating dogs 

Finally, we begin our cooking!

Before we can go through the air fryer hot dog recipe, here are a few things to note.

You can choose to air fry the hot dogs just as they’re. Alternatively, you can decide to pick the hot dogs. Cutting hotdogs, however, prevent them from swelling while they’re being cooked.


  • Arrange the hot dogs such that they are evenly spaced.
  • Spray the hot dogs with oil spray.
  • Cook the hotdogs for nine minutes. The cooking temperature should be 380 degrees.
  • Warm the buns and serve.

Make sure you follow every recipe and instruction carefully to achieve the expected results.

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