How To Cook Frozen Fish Sticks In Air Fryer?

Cooking, just like any other work, needs the appropriate techniques and skills. That is not to say it is complicated. Learning how to cook frozen fish sticks in an air fryer is equally not complicated as it may seem to look. However, to come up with an exceptional meal out of those frozen sticks, one would need to be time conscious with their fryers and attentive to every detail. 

Maybe you are wondering how long it takes to cook frozen fish in an air fryer. Well, if you followed the precise channels and put in the required ingredients, your frozen yet fried fish should take 10 minutes to prepare. Be ready with the air fryer and the basket to begin cooking. Nine-Minute cooking should leave you with fish draped in some vibrant brown color.

It is as simple as such. Anybody can walk into the kitchen, and with these simple directions to follow, come out with crunchy fish sticks.

Why Use Air Fryer to Cook Frozen Fish Sticks?

Most traditional grills and ovens can cook these frozen fries very well. Yes, they can. But unfortunately, that is where it all ends. Good cooking. There are more advantages associated with the use of an air fryer for cooking.

An air fryer will not only leave your food with an amazing crispy texture, but it will also get rid of the excess oil that comes from cooking. If you are worried about your weight or blood pressure, you should, therefore, be elated at this new revelation. You can relish your best meal without having to think about becoming overweight. 

What you do not need during cooking

As explained earlier, this is the easiest of tasks within the kitchen corridors. Preparation of frozen sticks will not require the following:

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Olive Oil
  • Eggs, and 
  • Flour

As soon as you are done with the necessary ingredients, as we will show you later, you can put all the frozen fish in the air fryer grill pan. The air fryer pan prevents food from sticking to the basket. It is also easy to clean once you’re done with cooking.


  • Of course, you need Frozen fish sticks
  • A small amount of grease. You can choose to use any


  1. To ensure that the fish does not stick on the fryer basket, you will need to spray it with some oil. 
  2.  Next should be the preheating of your air fryer to 390°. It should last for at least 4 minutes.
  3. Once you are done with preheating, it is now time to take all the frozen fish sticks and put them in the fryer basket.
  4. Let the cooking take about 10 minutes. However, ensure you flip the fish sticks in intervals of 4 minutes. 


  • While cooking, ensure the fish are not stacked on one another. If you leave them to do so, they may stick together and end not being properly cooked.
  • Always ensure that any crumbs stay in the bags. You do not want to make your fryer dirty.

As you prepare the frozen fish sticks in the air fryer, make sure that you include all the ingredients systematically.

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