How To Cook Fish In Air Fryer?

How often do you meet people who can effortlessly and erroneously season a fish that will leave you licking your fingers the whole day? We are not just talking of some random fish dipped into oil and left to fry. No. I mean some excellent air-fried fish with scintillating aroma and crunchy texture. We are going to go through the steps of how to cook fish in an air fryer.

If you have never come across a golden and crispy fried fish, then this is your opportunity to learn and experience wholesome cooking. I can imagine how the images of some fish, coated in delicious spices and sauce, continue appearing in your mind. The main aim of this air fryer fish recipe is to address worries such as yours. 

Air Fryer Fish Recipe – How do you even air fry fish?

This is one of the very many common questions of those who are skeptical of air fryers. They do not just understand how one would have their fish done in an air fryer but still get the desired results.

One exciting part of this recipe is that you will not need to have any extra ingredients. You will not need anything apart from the traditional fish ingredients and some little oil. To properly air fry fish, you will need to:

  • Put the fish in your preferred sauce.
  • Spray some oil into the basket
  • Cook, flip, spray and cook more

Once you are through, you can some salt and black pepper for the desired flavor and taste.

The dos and don’ts during air frying fish.

The cooking process, as usual, will require you to be keen and detailed. You do not want to add milk to crispy and raunchy French fries, do you? Being alert at all times is, therefore, paramount. To attain the best fish fried in an air fryer, do follow the below tips.

  • Consider using fish fillets for this type of dish. Remember also that lean fish will not crisp as well as you may wish.
  • To increase crispiness, ensure you spread the oil halfway through cooking.
  • Do not stuff your fryer with so much fish. Proper cooking in an air fryer requires enough space for air circulation.
  • Ensure the whole fish is covered during spraying.

It is now time to let you know how to cook that fish without deep frying.


  • You can’t afford to miss bread crumbs.
  • For seasoning purposes, you will need lemon pepper.
  • Have some little amount of salt to add taste to the crispy chicken.
  • Garlic powder
  • An egg? Yes, not one but two or more
  • Finally, you can’t miss fish fillets


  1. Start the whole process by mixing the bread crumbs with the seasoning
  2. Bring in the egg and whisk it into the mixture.
  3. Use the whisked egg in coating both sides of the fillet.
  4. Put the coated fillet into the air fryer basket.
  5. Leave to cook for some time before you spray with some olive oil.
  6. Cook for about 10 minutes at about 350°.
  7. Serve while still hot.


Cooking time is not fixed for every session. Depending on the thickness of the fish fillets, you may continue cooking for longer until you are satisfied the food is prepared adequately cooked.

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