How To Cook Chicken Wings In Air Fryer?

It is an indisputable fact that air fryers are synonymous with making delightful and crunchy food that is healthier. If you are in love with some crispy chicken, then you will need to learn how to cook chicken wings in an air fryer. Chicken cooked in air fryers are not only crunchy but also delicious.

The taste from these air fried chicken wings is heavenly. It can make people stay for the whole night at the dinner table. Chicken wings are fast and straightforward to cook.

Chicken Wings Air Fryer Recipe

One of the best gifts one could ever give you during any time is pieces of fresh and frozen wings that have been air-fried into golden and raunchy wings.

This article will provide you with chicken wings air fryer recipe. The recipe should help you obtain delicious and tasty chicken wings from an air fryer.

  • While cooking, do not stuff the basket in the air fryer. One main factor the wings need to turn sweet and crunchy is enough air circulation.
  • Sometimes we end up with half baked chicken because we forget to turn and flip our food. After some period of between 6-8 minutes, turn the food to ensure it evenly cooks.
  •  Are you excited about achieving tasty flavor from your chicken wings? Well, ensure you only add seasoning after frying is complete.
  • I guess you do not want to cause some smoking in your kitchen. To avoid that, ensure you use a clean air fryer.

How do you turn fresh chicken wings into air fried wings?

  • The fact that we are using fresh chicken wings should not make you put wet wings into the air fryer. First things first, ensure you dry them before anything else. 
  • Take all the frozen wings and arrange them into the basket. Ensure you put them in one layer. However, to enable adequate cooking, you will need to flip them often. 
  •   Once you are done laying the wings, ensure the air carrier is closed. You can then subject the fresh sides to a temperature of 400 for efficient cooking.   
  • Serve the wings when cold enough

Making fried wings from frozen chicken wings

Let us now look into another type of chicken wings that is also air-fried into some tasty, tender cuisine.


All frozen food will always have excess water. It is the same case with wings plucked directly from the freezer.

To avoid such a scenario, here is what to do:

  • Put the frozen wings into the air fryer and start cooking for close to 30 minutes.
  • Remove the basket when you are done halfway with cooking. You can then drain the water before returning the wings to cook to completion.


To come up with an exceptional dish of air fryer chicken wings, you will need to go through the steps on cooking keenly. Do pay attention also to precautions during cooking.

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