How To Cook Baby Back Ribs In An Air Fryer?

Traditionally, ribs appear like they are only reserved for cooking over the grill. However, the most exciting part is that you can not only air fry the ribs but can also bake them in the oven. For every barbecue lover, this is just as delicious as the fried ribs. 

It doesn’t take long to have that soft, delicious, and juicy ribs. 

What process do you follow?

I love my ribs seasoned first before anything else. I prefer using salt and pepper in most of my cooking. However, you can always add whatever you make salivate over those yummy ribsI mean, you can try out some cayenne, onions or even garlic powder. 

Ribs are just fantastic dishes. Most of them have a sauce that makes them slushy and delicious. Maybe you only pass by the restaurant to have a bite of these amazing crispy ribs. You can, however, make them at home with so much simplicity.

Unlike with the other types of frying where you use so many equipments, cooking back ribs over a grill only requires a clean basket and a pair of tongs. Once on the grill, they can come out of the bones with so much ease. As the ribs cook, you don’t need to baste them. They do that by themselves.

You may consider separating the ribs to ensure they fit in the air fryer. Every air fryer comes in a different model, so cut them according to how your fryer is made.

Follow the below steps to make a juicy meal from the baby back ribs.


  • One teaspoon of onion powder
  • Two teaspoons of chili
  • A tray of baby back ribs
  • 32-ounce grill sauce of any type
  • One teaspoon of grounded pepper
  • One teaspoon of brown sugar
  • Half teaspoon of garlic powder


  1. Preheat the fryer
  2. Divide the ribs, by cutting, into relatively small pieces
  3. Impeccably dry up the ribs using the towel
  4. Take all the elements and mix them.
  5. You should cook the ribs for about twenty minutes.
  6. You may opt to brush some barbecue on the ribs once they adequately cooked.


To make it low carb and keto-friendly, consider doing the following:

  • Use sugar with low levels of carb
  • You can use ordinary sugar as well
  • More importantly, review the kind of diet you’re on before using any sugar

How do you do a barbecue?

Wait for at least 20 minutes. You can then brush your favorite sauce onto any side of the ribs. Just a little is enough to give them the flavor they deserve. The ribs will need 30 minutes to marinate and another 30 minutes of cook time. You can complete the recipe in about an hour.


We have provided you with detailed steps and procedures of how to cook baby back ribs in a fryer. If you notice your ribs are not soft as expected, then the problem might be in the fryer.

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