How To Cook A Frozen Hamburger In An Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a number one choice for anybody who wants healthy and nutritious meals. Nonetheless, it is vital to know how long it would take to cook a frozen hamburger patty in an air fryer.

When you use an air fryer for cooking burgers, you use a relatively low amount of oil. The result of the process is a soggy, delicious, and tasty burger that is a must take for everyone.

Do not sweat over the process of cooking a frozen hamburger. Contrary to what many people tend to believe, this whole process is not complicated. Actually, making hamburgers is fast and straightforward to make.

Frozen Hamburger Air Fryer Recipe

Below are some simple instructions to need to follow to cook a perfect burger.


A piece of hamburger


  • Heat the fryer to about 375 degrees for between 4 to 6 minutes
  • The non-sticking spray will ensure the burger doesn’t stick when cooking.
  • Dip the frozen hamburger in the fryer.
  • Wait for seven minutes as it cooks. After seven minutes, flip it over. The temperature should be at 375 degrees Fahrenheit
  • As soon as you’re done, confirm if the burger is cooked correctly.
  • If you intend to achieve the best results, do the cooking in a small batch. Moreover, the fryer can handle only 2-3 burgers at a time. However, if you need a larger fryer, you can always shop for one.

Sometimes you might follow all the instructions but fail to get that desired burger. In that case, do take into consideration the below tips.

1. How long to cook frozen hamburger patty in an air fryer

It cooks between 6 to 8 minutes. However, it will still depend on how large the burger is. Ensure that both sides are properly cooked.

If you feel the recommended time has elapsed and it is not yet ready, cook it for some more minutes.

2. What happens if the burger comes out moist?

One of the reasons for a moist burger is inadequate cooking. There is no short cut to this. You need to return the burger into the fryer and begin the whole process again. Here, you must ensure that both sides cook properly.

3. Do fryers take similar times to cook the burger?

It does not! Simply put, every brand of fryer will cook the burgers in a marginally different manner from the rest. Nevertheless, your hamburger will still cook pretty well regardless of the time taken by each fryer.

How do I make better burgers using air fryers?

To make your burger tastier, consider adding some flavors first. Add a little more spices to make them more enchanting. You can as well add some herbs to give it a fantastic taste.


We have comprehensively answered the question on how to cook frozen hamburger. The onus to bring out a delicious burger from the kitchen now lies with you. Most importantly, be calm during the cooking and follow every instruction to the latter.

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