How To Clean Baked On Grease From Air Fryer? 2021

Air fryers are excellent, and they need to be cleaned appropriately to ensure that they last longer as well as provide excellent service. Cooking using air fryer involves frying, and usually, it is always untidy. It leaves the pan dirty, grubby utensils in addition to the greasy coating on the part surrounding the air fryer.

Air fryers are comparatively clean. The cooking basket is typically enclosed, and this prevents splashing, ensuring the fat, grease, and oil in the food fall under the oil pan. This does not imply that you do not need to wash the air fryer, but it needs to be cleaned appropriately after you use it.

The requirements for cleaning air fryer

For one to clean an air fryer, the following are the requirements:

  • A piece of the cloth.
  • Non-abrasive sponge
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Hot water
  • soap

To clean the air fryer, one needs to do the following:

  • After cooking with the air fryer, you should unplug it from the socket’s wall and allow it cool down.
  • Once it has cooled down, one needs to wipe its outside with a wet cloth.
  • Then one can clean the pan, tray, and basket. You can use hot water as well as dishwashing soap, the components of the air fryer are removable; hence, they can be removed and placed in the dishwasher if someone does not want washing them by hand.
  • You should wash the air fryers inside using hot water plus a piece of the cloth or even a sponge.
  • The presence of the particle in the food stuck to the element of heating above the food basket should be cleaned with a brush.

After cleaning the pan, tray, as well as a basket, one should make sure that they are entirely dry before placing them into the air fryer.

Further Tips to Help You;

  • You should not use utensils to remove food stuck on the air fryer components. This is because the elements of the air fryer have a line characterized by a non-stick coating, which ensures easy scratching. Always to use a sponge that should be non-abrasive for the removal of any residual foodstuffs held to the basket or else the drip pan.
  • Once the leftover food has hardened onto the pan and basket, one has to soak them into the hot water and soap for easy removal. This is because it usually makes the fast food to soften, therefore making it be removed easily.
  • When cooking successive food batches, one needs to wait until the last batch has been prepared to clean the air fryer.

After cleaning the air fryer, you should store it properly and ensure appropriate maintenance to ensure it provides cooking services for a long duration.


  • Don’t use metal utensils to wash the air fryer. The abrasive materials can scratch the coating of the air fryer.
  • Do not immerse the electric appliances in the water. They can be ruined.

How To Clean The Air Fryer Baskets

All kitchen appliances always need to be clean, and the air fryer is one of the kitchen appliances. An air fryer has a basket that needs to be cleaned. If the air fryer basket is not thoroughly cleaned, it will not function as it is supposed.

Moreover, failure to clean it can result in an odor that makes the kitchen unbearable. Also, the remaining particles of the food from the previous batch can mix with the currently cooking food, making it taste unexpected.

This reduces the quality of the food being cooked, hence making the cooking unpleasant. The basket of the air fryer contains frying basket and baking try, which are removable. Cleaning the air fryer basket is not as difficult as you think.

You need warm water, a sponge, or a piece of the cloth as well as the washing soap. One needs to soak the basket in the warm water. This guarantees quick removal of the food particles and grease accumulated in the baskets. You need to soak for 30 minutes. After that, one has to scrub the basket until all the food particles, and the grease is removed.

After removal of the food particles, you should use clean water to rinse the air fryer basket and then place them on the drying rack to ensure that the basket dries entirely before using it for cooking. 

How To Clean Grease From The Air Fryer Basket

During the cooking process, the air Fryer baskets can become dirty and greasy than the majority of the kitchen appliances. Grease can cause air fryer to smoke and reduce the quality of the food being cooked. The air fryer baskets are developed to be immersed in hot fat, which has a habit of clinging over time and as it continues to be used.

When washing between the grease and the oils within the food that is fried, it is a challenging situation. One can use vinegar which assists in loosening the grease in the absence of the use of the harmful chemicals in cleaning the fryer basket

Here is how to clean baked on grease from air fryer:

Step 1: Wipe the grease in the air fryer basket inside and outside with a wet piece of cloth if the air fryer basket is covered in grease as well as the food particles after frying a food fresh. One should push hard to ensure the removal of the food buildup.

Step 2: After wiping, put the basket in the dishwasher and soak it with warm water and soap. Soaking the air fryer basket ensures easy removal of the food particles.

Step 3: Here, you will need to scrub the air fryer basket with the sponge to remove the grease in the air fryer basket. Clean it until all food substances and grease has been detached.

Step 4: After all the food residuals and grease are removed from the air fryer basket, one needs to rinse the basket and ensure it dries entirely by placing it in the dish drying rack.

Always ensure that you keep your air fryer clean after using it.

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