GoWise USA Air Fryer 5.8 qt Review & Buying Guide 2021

The ultimate aim of cooking is to have not only delicious but also healthier food that affects your health in no way. Many of us are worried about the number of calories we consume and the effects they have on our health. That is why we must start monitoring the kind of food we eat. To help you with a better understanding of this device, we have done a GoWISE USA air fryer 5.8 qt review.

This type of fryer enables you to perform different kinds of cooking without having to shift to another fryer. It is not a must you are going to use oil. Sometimes you will do the frying without any oil. 

GoWise 5.8 Air Fryer Review and Overview

This is not your conventional type of air fryer. It comes in a glossy and contemporary look, with a nicely fitted menu that is also a touchscreen model. If you had ever doubted your cooking capabilities, then this fryer should offer you a real test to improve on your skills. The eight cooking presets fitted on the fryer makes it capable of cooking different types of foods.

The eight preset menus help you with cooking different recipes without having to think of what method to use.

The frying basket is a removable device that fitted with plastic made handle. It, therefore, prevents you from any unwarranted accidents. More than anything else, this air fryer ensures you have not only crispy but also healthier food. 

GoWise USA Air Fryer 5.8 qt Review

Key Features of GoWISE USA 1700-Watt 5.8-QT Digital Air Fryer

Size and Design

Maybe the most noticeable feature of any device is the physical appearance. The physical appearance of any device is primarily composed of size and design. WE rend to pay so much attention to the design, and rightly so. 

The gravest mistake you could ever make is buying a fryer that barely fits in your kitchen. If you have limited space in your kitchen, then you should pay close attention to the size and design of what you want to buy. It might be so attractive and of high quality, but if it can’t fit in your kitchen, then what is its use?

The GoWISE Air fryer is slightly light, weighing relatively 4 ounces. If it can’t fit in the kitchen, you can always carry it around and use it at your desired area. The size is not also quite significant as it measures only 13.5 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches. That is wide enough to fit in any kitchen setup.

Cooking Capacity

Why do we buy these cooking devices? Is it for decorations? I don’t think so. We all want to try something new and treat our families to the most amazing dishes. Imagine buying an air fryer that can only cook fries of one person at a time. How would it feel about cooking in batches?

If you are thinking of making crunchy fries for a family of more than four, then this is the ideal fryer. It has a capacity of 5.8 qt in 8. It means you can cook relatively large amounts of food.

AirCrisp Technology

The only thing that sets an air fryer apart from the deep fryers is the type of method it uses in frying. We all know that frying on a grill or conventional fryers requires a large amount of oil. The resultant food is also composed of high calorie and might not be as crunchy as we may want.

However, this air fryer comes in to bridge that gap. It operates using the sizzling air that circulates the food until it is properly cooked. If there is a need to use fat, then it is always a minimal amount. The result of such frying is crispy and delicious food that relieves you the stress of consuming excess fats.

Recipe Book

If you are a newbie in the field of cooking and you don’t know how well to cook, then this is the ideal fryer. It comes with a recipe that has over 50 methods of cooking. The good part is that those methods are specifically tailored for this GoWISE USA Air Fryers. You can choose from the variety in the book to make delicious lunch or just some crispy French fries.

Start or Stop Button

Maybe you are halfway with your cooking, and you need to adjust both the cooking temperature and time. Worry not. This air fryer enables you to change all that as cooking goes on, without affecting anything. 

Frying Basket

You need a basket to insert into the fryer before you can start any cooking. The basket is removable and has a plastic handle that makes it safe to do the flipping. You can remove the basket without having to worry about being burned.

User Experience

Most of the users were quick to point out how crispy and delicious their food was after using this air fryer. Several of them happily awarded a five-star rating citing its features that enables them to cook eight different types of food.

However, on the negative side, some customers decried how the basket came out during cooking. One customer complained that his basket came out of the outer bucket and could not continue with cooking. Nonetheless, such cases were minimal.


It has a one-year limited warranty from the date it is bought. That should be enough time to monitor your device and know whether it is the right deal.


  • Cooks healthier food.
  • Quite simple to operate
  • Comes with an additional recipe 
  • Additional eight setup buttons that enable you to cook food of your choice
  • The startup button allows you to regulate heat levels.


  • The fryer basket may sometimes become difficult to remove from the fryer. If it persists, then even an accident may occur.


If you ever had doubts on an air fryer, then the Gowise USA air fryer 5.8 qt review we have done should help you in making the right choice. You can now walk into that electronic shop and purchase the GoWISE USA air fryer. Best of all, this one comes with a 1-year warranty, so that’s got you covered.

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