The GoWise Air Fryer Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

The brand of the air fryer is one of the things you should be looking for when you are looking for a good unit. GoWise USA is one of the top-rated air fryer brands that you should be considering if you are in need of a reliable air fryer at home. But we are not here to specifically talk about the brand, GoWise.

Rather, let’s focus on some of their top air fryer units out there. That being said, here are the top 5 GoWise air fryer reviews.

Let’s get on with it.

GoWise Air Fryer Reviews & Comparison

Top 5 Best GoWise USA Air Fryer Reviews

Not all models from GoWise perform as expected. We know that a wide range of them do, but let us focus on the top 5 models that got our attention.

1. GoWISE USA Air Fryer Reviews – 3.7-Quart GW22638

Our first finalist is this model that has some amazing features and also comes at a reasonable price. This air fryer allows you to cook your crispy meals without a drop of oil. In turn, it helps you to stay healthy as you cook your meals.

It runs on the rapid air technology that also uses the hot air that circulates inside to offer you healthy meals that are well cooked. You won’t have any cases of having undercooked or unevenly cooked meals when you have this unit.

The air fryer comes with eight presets that feature warm, fries, pork, shrimp, cake, steak, chicken, as well as fish. In other words, you can use it to prepare different types of meals altogether. Here, you only have to choose the preset accordingly and press start. From there, the air fryer will cook that specific meal as needed.

gowise air fryer reviews

There is a digital screen that lets you choose the controls accordingly. Having a digital screen means that it comes with a touch control panel. All you have to do is touch on your desired control or preset, and the air fryer will follow your command.  

On the digital screen, you can adjust the temperature from 170F to around 400F. Also, the timer can be adjusted from 1 to 30 minutes. In other words, your meals will be ready in under 30 minutes without a problem.

There’s also an indicator that allows you to know if the food is ready inside the air fryer. Well, it alerts you when the cooking time is over according to how you set it. The timer beeps five times when the time runs out.

You get a cookbook with 50 recipes that is suitable for the air fryer specifically.

What We Loved

  • Space-saving design
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comes with a cookbook with 50 recipes
  • Digital controls with a display
  • Detachable nonstick pan and basket
  • Indicator onboard to allow you when the timer runs out

What Could Be Better 

  • The beeping can be uncomfortable

2. USA GWAC22003 5.8-Quart GoWISE Air Fryer Review

If you have a family and you want to keep them healthy with your cooking, this air fryer is one to consider.

First off, the air fryer comes with a large cooking capacity of 5.8 quarts. This assures you of enough capacity to cook food for the entire family. But it’s not only about the size and cooking capacity. Rather, this fella has some impressive features as well.

Powered by the Rapid Air Technology, this frying master assures you of well-cooked food in just 30 minutes. Well, there is a timer that you can set between 1 and 30 minutes according to what you are cooking.

gowise usa air fryer reviews

Featuring a modern touchscreen design, the air fryer will give you an easy time when working with it. By the way, the touchscreen design looks sleek and super elegant. A start/stop button is also onboard to let you change your program when food is already cooking.

Furthermore, there is an inbuilt alarm function that reminds you when it is time to shake the unit. For the record, it is always advised to shake the air fryer when cooking to ensure that the food cooks evenly inside. So, the alarm will alert you to shake the ingredients in increments of 5, 10, and 15 minutes.

There are eight preset cooking options that you can choose according to the cooking requirements of a specific food. For instance, there is a pizza function that allows you to cook pizza as needed without any guesswork.

The temperature can be adjusted from 180F to 400F. Besides, there is an accessory kit that is included. Here, you get an 8-inch baking pan, 8-inch pizza/pie pan, an insert rack with three skewers, a silicone pot holder, as well as a warming/toasting rack.

This one also comes with a cookbook with 50 step-by-step recipes. Well, most GoWise USA air fryers come with a cookbook. By the way, you can choose to get this amazing air fryer for your mom as a gift.

What We Loved 

  • Sizeable enough for a family
  • Features cooking presets for easy cooking time
  • It comes with an alarm to tell you when it is time to shake the air fryer
  • Multiple accessories included
  • Detailed cookbook with 50 easy-to-follow recipes
  • Large touchscreen display

What Could Be Better 

  • The cake pan and pot are too tiny

3. GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart GW22621

This is another top-rated GoWise air fryer amazon that you should consider including in your shopping or wish list. This one will be a good pick if you have a small family or if you live one or two people in the house.

The air fryer runs with the rapid air circulation technology that assures you of a reliable unit. This one also comes with a touchscreen that you can choose the cooking modes accordingly. It also gives you accessibility to manual program cooking time. Furthermore, you can choose one of the seven inbuilt smart programs.

With this monster, you can cook fish, shrimp, chicken, fries, steak, and any other meat. Are you done cooking, and you don’t want any accidental detachment of the basket? This air fryer comes with a button guard that helps you with that.

gowise air fryer review

A 30-minute timer is on board, along with an automatic standby feature that will switch the fryer into standby mode once it is finished cooking. How helpful is that? Well, it does help you to save energy bills and also prevent the air fryer from overheating.

Luckily this unit is made with cool-touch housing and handle. Even when it is done cooking, the air fryer will sound an alarm to alert you.

What We Loved 

  • Easy to use
  • Elegant design
  • ELT Certified
  • Button guard prevents accidental detachment of the basket
  • Turns off when the basket is removed
  • Easy to clean

What Could Be Better 

  • The finish on the baking tray comes off after a while

4. GoWISE USA GW22632

This model also performs decently, and it would be the perfect pick for an RV, a studio apartment, or any compact kitchen space.

Even with its compactness, the air fryer still manages to deliver accordingly. To be specific, this unit comes with a 2.75qt cooking capacity. That should be able to prepare food for around 2 to three people. But it is not the best pick for a family.

gowise air fryer amazon

The controls onboard are easy to use. There are only five buttons on this unit, which let you select the temperature and time as needed. The temperature can be set between 175F and 400F. Also, there is a timer that can be set between 1 and 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the air fryer will switch into standby mode.

By the way, this one also runs on rapid air technology, and it allows you to enjoy well-cooked meals in the shortest time possible.

We loved the fact that this air fryer is FDA and PFOA free. There is a nonstick air fry pan and basket that are food safe. Furthermore, the air fryer comes with a cool-touch handle and housing that makes it safe to touch the unit even when it is cooking.

A button guard is also onboard to prevent accidental detachment of the basket.

What We Loved  

  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Easy to use controls
  • FDA-certified and PFOA-free pan and basket
  • Goes to standby when it is done cooking
  • Cool-touch handle and housing prevents accidental burns

What Could Be Better 

  • Not the best pick for a large family

5. USA 5.0-Quart GW22821-S GoWISE Air Fryer Amazon

This the last product on our GoWise air fryer review. We actually made this the last product not because it is least favorable, but because it comes with a unique design.

This unit is also bigger than most units on the list. This one comes with a 5.0qt cooking capacity that can easily prepare food for 4 to 5 people. Besides that, it looks amazing, and you’d love having it on your kitchen counter.

The technology on this fella helps to cut the need for cooking with oil. You can prepare crispy fries or chicken with no oil needed. Furthermore, it works very fast at cooking your meals. In just 30 minutes, you can enjoy your well-cooked meals with this unit.

gowise air fryer how to use

We loved the modern look of this unit. It features an advanced touchscreen menu to give you an easy time when controlling it. But that’s not even the best part. This unit comes with two displays; one on the top surface and another one in front of the air fryer.

You won’t experience guesswork on this unit. Everything is easy breezy. Changing the temperature is easy, and so is the timer. The nonstick air fry pan and basket are FDA-certified and PFOA-free.

What We Loved 

  • Dual touchscreens for easy operation
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Recipe book included
  • Super-versatile
  • Nonstick basket and crisper tray
  • Large enough for a family of 4

What Could Be Better 

  • The coating will come off after using the air fryer for a while

Gowise air fryer how to use – Buying Guide

It is one thing to know how to pick the best GoWise USA air fryer, and it’s another thing to shop for one. When you are out shopping for your next GoWise Air Fryer, here are some of the things you should keep in mind.

  • Size/Cooking Capacity

The first thing you need to consider is the size of the air fryer. It should fit in your kitchen or cooking space accordingly. But most importantly, it should be able to prepare meals for you and the members in the house. The size is measured in terms of quartz. Choose the size that suits your cooking needs.

  • Controls

Does it come with dials, press buttons, or touch controls? This is a factor that you will need to consider when you are choosing the air fryer. Ideally, choose one that serves you accordingly. Whether you want the one with a touchscreen or turn dials, it should serve you accordingly.

Keep in mind that the units with touch controls or digital controls will feature cooking presets, which makes it easy to use.

  • Ease of Use

Another thing you need to consider is the ease of use of the air fryer. It shouldn’t give you a difficult time to work with it. Ideally, the GoWise air fryer how to use experience should be easy for anyone. Even if it comes with a manual, you should still have an easy time to handle it. Also, anyone should know how to preheat GoWise air fryer effectively.

Don’t forget about the accessories, the safety features, price, and where to buy GoWise air fryer. The place you buy the air fryer will highly determine if you will get the best deal or genuine products. Also, the company tends to offer a return policy and warranty covers to official vendors.


With this GoWise air fryer review, you can be sure of getting the best units out there and also buy the one that suits you. Don’t forget to consider the one that falls in your budget bracket as you shop. Above all, make sure that you follow the right recipe when preparing specific food in the air fryer. How you use the air fryer and prepare meals will determine the outcome.

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