Emeril Air Fryer 360 Reviews 2021: Why You Should Choose?

The Emeril Lagasse 360 power air fryer is a product of the famous chef Emeril Lagasse. It functions in various ways than a normal air fryer as it also has the rotisserie, dehydrator, microwave, and toaster and deep fryer functions.

The different functions help you bake, roast, deep fry, slow cook, make pizza. It has a total of nine functions. It can cook a wide variety of delicacies from French fries, pizza, cakes, cookies, vegetables, roasted beef, and several snacks.

Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 Reviews And Overview

There have been many power air fryer 360 reviews following its introduction to the market. Emeril Lagasse 360 power air fryer reviews are both positive and negative. They are all addressed in the consumer’s preferences and expectations.

Before handling the reviews, let get accustomed to the 360 power air fryer features.

Emeril Air Fryer 360 Reviews

Power Air Fryer 360 Reviews And Key Features

Design and size

Emeril Lagasse 360 power air fryer buttons to aid in pre-setting for the use needed. The 12 preset buttons are programmed for the following functions: slow cooking, baking, toasting, reheat, air frying, roast, broil, dehydrate, warm, pizza, bagel and rotisserie.

The preset buttons do not limit the user as the product can also be set manually. The exterior of the product is made of stainless steel and a glass door that provides a view of the food.

It comes in different types: the standard model and the XL. The XL model is made for larger meal capacities. They both come with accessories like a baking tray or pan, rotisserie spit, pizza tray, and a recipe book.


Standard model: has an inner capacity of 930 cubic inches. Its dimensions are 15 by 19 by 9.5 inches with watts of 1500. This size makes it suitable for the use of a maximum of two people’s meal preparation.

emeril lagasse power air fryer 360 reviews

The XL model: it does not have a specified capacity. Its dimensions are larger compared to the standard type (23 by 13.5 by 17.5 inches) and it can cook a meal to feed an entire family.

  • The air fryer has got 5 heating elements with 360 degrees of airflow technology. This enables the food to retain its natural flavor as it cooks through the whirlwind.
  • It has a memory feature to remember the last preset temperature and duration.
  • It is a countertop oven making it easier for finding suitable storage space.
  • Accessories: It comes with a pizza tray,rotisserie, baking pan, crisper pan.
  • Even though it comes with Emeril’s 360 power fryer recipe book, the purchase of Emeril Lagasse 360 power air fryer gives access to an online video library.

Warranty – Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer Oven 360 Reviews

There is a 60 day warranty period upon purchase of Emeril Lagasse 360 power air fryer. This enables the buyer to get a replacement or just return the product if not satisfied with it. However, the shipping charges are applied to the buyer and in the case where you return the item, there is a fee applied to you.  The fee applied are handling fees and unspecified processing.

Emeril air fryer user tips

  • The Emeril Lagasse 360 power air fryer does not use batteries. It uses only electricity hence installation should be done near a power source. It has a wire cord to connect it to the electricity source. The appliance should be installed in a manner where the cord is out of paths or working space to prevent accidents. 
  • The glass door helps monitor the food during preparation. Also, the trays can be flipped or tuned at any interval to ensure the meal is evenly cooked.
  • When setting it on the counter, leave a little space between the device and the wall to prevent blockage of airflow. It is also important to set the device on heat resistance countertops as it heats up during meal preparation.
  • Preheating Emeril Lagasse 360 power air fryer is not compulsory. However, when food is put in when it is still cool, additional time should be added to get the correct results.
  • The 360 power air fryer cooks food by heated air hence it does not require extra oil in meal preparation.
  • Cleaning the air fryer is an easy task. It can be either washed by hand and non-abrasive soap and a sponge or by using a dishwasher.


Emeril Lagasse power air fryer oven 360 reviews pointed out several advantages as stated below:

  • Emeril’s 360 power air fryer is affordable.
  • It saves space.
  • The fryer is more advanced than the traditional air fryer hence it can cook many different types of delicacies than it.
  • The air fryer and its accessories are easier to clean both by hand and the dishwasher machine making it very convenient.
  • It takes into consideration the nutritive quality of the food.
  • When the glass door is opened to check the food it automatically pauses itself and resumes once put back. This is energy-saving and it helps prevent burns when handling food.
  • The Emeril Lagasse 360 power air dryer cooks meals very fast. This is due to the heat technology design it has. It has five heating systems and a turbofan that aids in even distribution of air. 


  • The information about the air fryers capacity does not match. The capacity of the XL model is not very clear as various dimensions are being issued.
  • Even though the appliance has various functions, it does not meet the requirements of a large family. This is because the capacity it is built of cannot prepare large meals for larger families hence a setback. This is as of the various reviews from people who have large families and require large meals.
  • According to some of the Emeril Lagasse air fryer 360 reviews, consumers mentioned that the device tends to heat up during use.


Emeril Lagasse air fryer 360 reviews are all useful as they can help the consumer have firsthand information from fellow consumers. This helps in making a good decision before purchase to avoid the stress of returning the product to the store.

Apart from the information attained from the power air fryer 360 reviews, it is important to note that the invention is of a famous chef, Emeril Lagasse, it is designed by the knowledge and experience he has acquired in different fields of practice to meet the various needs of the user.

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