Air Fryer Vs Toaster Oven 2021: Which one should you choose?

There is no denying the fact that that there exist identical features between an air fryer and a toaster oven. At first sight, you might be forgiven to think that they perform the same tasks. They all work based on the principle of hot air circulation. The air circulation principle on which these two appliances operate could even make our air fryer vs. toaster fryer debate baseless. The hot air circulation principle entails little or no oil for the preparation of those crunchy bites.

Let’s be honest here. Everything tastes better when deep-fried. However, dipping breaded foods into agonizing hot oil is not the best art of cooking we have. In instances when we cannot deep- fry, we ship in the air fryers as an alternative. The fryer generates air circulation that provides the food with the much-required amount of heat for uniform cooking,

Air Fryer Vs Toaster Oven

Nonetheless, there are specific differences between the two, which should play a critical role in your decision making. The details can help you make an informed choice when doing your kitchen supply. We comprehensively discuss these details in this article.

1. Features

One of the most striking similarities between toaster ovens and air fryers is the hot air circulation principle. Nevertheless, we will try as much to zoom beyond those similarities. We will also trade our guns on the features that set them apart from one another. At the end of this article, you should be able to contribute to the toaster oven vs. air fryer debate comfortably. Once you have the information, you will be able to determine which one is more convenient for your use authoritatively.

The best toaster ovens in the market distribute the hot air evenly. These toaster ovens can adjust the temperature automatically once you put your food in them. The toaster ovens provide enough space for a variety of cooking experiences. The food comes out wholly cooked because the air circulation reaches the middle of the food, just as it gets to the edges.

Most of the air fryers do not require oil for o while cooking. The majority of the air fryers come with a basket where you can put the food you wish to cook. One distinctive feature of fryers is that you can place them on your kitchen counter. They take minimal space.

 Additionally, air fryers reach higher temperatures that are appropriate for delicate meals. Air fryers are, therefore, more convenient when it comes to countertop placement. However, that should not mean we do not have a few toaster ovens, which are suitable for kitchen counters as well.

2. Healthiness

Both of these devices are commendable with the way they handle food. Toaster ovens and air fryers employ a similar technique, which involves hot air circulation. Most of them in the market use fans, which generate and facilitate the hot air flow all over the unit. Both of them do not have heating elements. 

The toaster oven is a multipurpose device. You could cook anything in these ovens. Unlike deep frying, where you need a lot of oil, air frying needs little or no oil to cook food. The food can cook in its natural juices, and you will not need to add excess fat.

However, the healthier choice between the toaster oven and air fryer is the air fryers. Most of the air fryers need no additional oil at all. That is not true for toaster ovens. You will need to add some oil to occasion some moisture when baking in a toaster oven.

Air fryers take a shorter time to cook. This is because they reach higher temperatures. Toaster oven with the slow-cook can lead to the loss of a lot of nutrients in food cooking.

3. Size and Cooking Capacity

There are no factors that significantly influence the choice of a buyer than size and cooking capacity. You will probably have to consider the size of your kitchen space is not generous enough. You do not want a kitchen that is stuffed up, and moving around is difficult. If you are the type with a big family and have lots of food to cook, then you probably need an air fryer with vast capacity.

Toaster ovens are not entirely comfortable working with. First, they are not the countertop. Secondly, you have to bend to put food into it, keep an eye on the cooking process, and take the food out. Air fryers on the other side are smaller and compact and can fit on kitchen counters easily.

The size of the device determines cooking capacity. Toaster ovens are relatively larger and allow you larger cooking capacity. Air fryers, however, have a smaller cooking capacity. The size of the air fryers should not fool you anyway. Most air fryers are designed to have deep chambers in which you can put large amounts of food.

4. Maintenance and Reliability – Toaster Oven Vs Air Fryer

Would you be comfortable spending ridiculous amounts of money maintaining your culinary devices? With massive food drippings, oil splatter, and incessant stains, your kitchen could turn into an alien space. What do you do to avoid all these? You will need an air fryer that uses little or no oil and is extremely easy to spruce up.

Toaster ovens tend to cause an unprecedented headache with maintenance. It is difficult to reach every single area of the unit while doing the cleaning. The stains that clog for some time can be quite challenging to get rid of. You will need strong detergents to have it entirely clean.

Reliability is a relative topic that is not only challenging to define but also tricky to debate. You must always regard each device individually when discussing reliability. However, the general conversation around this reliability issue should be the quality of the unit, the settings, and the materials used. That would be to say in other terms that the stainless steel design of the toaster oven is more anticipated.


The air fryer gives you the crispy texture of fried foods without the excess grease and fats. Nonetheless, it is still a brainer to determine the outright winner in this air fryer vs. toaster ovens debate. There are many similarities, as there are visible differences. We majored on the prominent features of each of the devices. Search for the one with your characteristics and make the purchase. Either of the two is a better choice, though.

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