Air Fryer Vs Pressure Cooker 2021- What’s The Difference Between

Due to advancement in technology, many kitchen appliances have emerged. The pressure cooker is a recognized appliance that existed for some time, whereas the air fryer caught the attention of people a few years ago.

Air fryer and pressure cookers are among kitchen appliances that are you can find in a kitchen. They are both used for cooking, though different working mechanism. It is easy to differentiate between an air fryer and pressure cookers due to their features. For that reason, people do not find it difficult while purchasing the two kitchen appliances. 

Air Fryer Vs Pressure Cooker

Technological Comparison

An air fryer uses patented Rapid Air Technology to cook food. What happens is that hot air moves rapidly inside the appliance to cook the food. As a result, the food cooked in an air fryer will have a crispy and crunchy outer layer but tender on the inside.

In contrast, Pressure cookers function by ejecting air from the vessel and accumulating the steam formed from the boiling liquid inside. This increases the internal pressures as well as permitting high cooking temperatures.

Although both air fryer and pressure cooker depend on high temperatures to perform their tasks, a pressure cooker requires high pressure. Usually, an air fryer consistently reduces the pressure in the process of cooking and rely on heated steam movement.

A pressure cooker functions by continuously increasing pressure as someone cook; therefore, it is not possible to open it and continue cooking. Once someone opens it, the whole cooking process stops, and pressure is expelled, and you need to allow pressure to accumulate again to continue cooking.

This is contrary to the air fryer since it enables someone to intervene at any given point to test the food or maybe add ingredients. It is not advisable to interrupt the cooking process for a long time since it dispels most of the heat during the process of cooking and hence might not resume as normal.

Features Difference

Both air fryers and pressure cookers have differences in terms of features. Advanced pressure cookers usually contain two or three redundant safety valves as well as safety features, for instance, the interlocking lid that averts the operator from opening the cover when the internal pressure goes beyond atmospheric pressure, avoiding accidents from an abrupt discharge of hot liquid, vapor, and food.

They also have a stainless steel body that has no interaction with food being cooked. Moreover, they have visual pressure indicators in addition to the encapsulated base that does not allow hotspots development.

Contrary, an air fryer has a feature of a basket-like that of a deep fryer. On the other hand, it does not need too much oil to prepare the food. Occasionally, the air fryer will only need a small amount of oil or none at all. Pressure cookers can handle soup excellently while the air fryers are not good at liquids.

They awesomely cook foods that require to be deep-fried, fried in a pan, or cooked in the oven. Pressure cookers can be used to cook food that can be steamed or cooked over the stovetop.

Size/Cooking Capacity

When comparing the kitchen appliances, it pivotal to consider their sizes. The pressure cooker and air fryer differ in terms of sizes. The pressure cooker is usually larger than the air fryer, and hence it is challenging to clean pressure cooker than air fryer. Due to their differences in sizes, a pressure cooker can cook larger food sizes. It is advisable to consider what you will be cooking while purchasing an air fryer or the pressure cooker.


Using the air fryer to cook is considered to be healthy and safer. This is because the air fryer uses hot air that circulates inside the equipment. The hot air is in exceedingly high temperatures to ensure a shorter time in cooking and uniformly cooked food.

The short cooking time implies that the ingredients remain in their original state, and there is no use of radiation or electromagnetic waves. The heat source of the air fryer has no health concerns. Because someone will be eating uniformly cooked food from the air fryer, he or she will not have to worry about his or her health. An air fryer decreases calories by 80% in the food fried.

This is pivotal to health since it prevents a chance of an individual being obese and therefore prevents someone from obesity-related diseases — for instance, high blood pressure as well as diabetes. Pressure cookers also reduce cooking times by 50% and also preserve nutrients as well as killing bacteria. It is, therefore, essential to consider the air fryer if someone wants to keep a diet and have a good lifestyle. 

Maintenance – Pressure Cooker Vs Air Fryer

It is easy to maintain an air fryer since it small, which makes it easy to be cleaned. Most of the air fryer are dishwasher safe; hence, there is no intensive maintenance. It may be challenging to maintain a pressure cooker, specifically if you are cleaning it. Food can spill in it and lead to stain, which may be not easy to clean.

Differences summary of the air fryer and the pressure cooker

  • Air fryers ensure circulation of dry heat to form crisp on the outer layer, while the pressure cookers use moist heat, keeping the foods spicy and warm.
  • Pressure cookers can’t be opened during the cooking process since it releases the pressure, and on the contrary, you can open the air fryer to add ingredients or taste the food.
  • Air fryers small in size hence they are portable compared to pressure cookers
  • Pressure cookers are large than the air fryers and, consequently, difficult to clean.
  • Air fryers are not good while dealing with liquids while pressure cookers can prepare soups
  • The air fryer is well used to deep fry, fry in a pan, and cook in the oven. Pressure cookers cook foods that can be steamed, boiled, or cooked on a stovetop.

Generally, pressure cookers are used for cooking a large quantity of food and also several meals at the same time. Air fryers are the best if you want to cook a variety of food. They can fry, grill, or bake, while pressure cookers only boil food.

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