Air Fryer Vs Oil Fryer 2021- Which is Better for Better Cooking?

Air Fryer Vs Oil Fryer – Don’t we all love our food incredibly delicious and amazingly tasty? Most of us flood high-end restaurants to buy those crunchy, crispy fries with an enchanting exterior. While some of us are put off by the high prices in these restaurants, a good number of us still part with whatever coin to carry home these crispy French Fries and Chicken.

But there is worry over the alarming rate with which these foods are messing with our health. It is quite tricky resisting fried food. We are, most of the time, having oily food as part of our diet. The problem is that these fried foods with so much oil are the biggest causes of cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Air Fryer Vs Oil Fryer

At first sight, there are no much differences between oil fryers and air fryers. However, it is the different methods both of them use in frying that lay bare the glaring differences between them. We make a comparison of the two fryers below, and try to establish which one should top your priority list.


The striking similarities between these two types of fryers are glaring. You may not even be able to differentiate them if you are handling them for the first time. Some of the standard features they share are digital screens, regulating temperatures, and easy to use controls.

However, you may consider putting an order for an air fryer if you value convenience. The air fryer comes with a simple touch operation button and a desirable power switch. Are you the type that put food to warm up and completely forget about it? Well, do not sweat your pants anymore. You can walk into any electric shop and pay for a fryer that has a digital timer and a bell.

It all smells delicious and enchanting when oil frying. Conversely, oil-fried food can treat you to the most unpleasant whiff when overcooked or burned. Do you want to get rid of that? Try a oil fryer with and odor control, particularly on with charcoal filters.

Cooking Time and Capacity

Oil fryers and air fryers might prove to be similar in all aspects. Nonetheless, their sizes are one of the most significant factors that demonstrate their differences. Most of the air fryers are expressively smaller than the oil fryers.

Space in our kitchen rooms is a significant concern for many of us. We all want that cooker, oven, or fryer that will fit comfortably on our counters and still spare us some space to do other things. One of those fryers that are likely to fit on your counter, then air fryer is a sure bet. We are not saying the smaller the air fryer, the lesser amount of food it can handle. Hell no! Most of these air fryers have lots of space for a relatively larger volume of food.

Air fryer takes a longer time to cook as compared to a oil fryer. While oil fryer uses oil that heats up faster, the air fryer uses hot air that takes typically longer to heat up.


The brutal honesty here is that both of the two types of fryers are not the best fit for your health. Among the healthiest cooking appliances around, they rank far below our recommendations. It is practically impossible to have those crispy crunches and delicious chicken without using oil. Do you know what more fat in the body means? More calories which result in those heart diseases and obesity.

Oil fryers operate by using massive amounts of oil. Air fryers, on the other hand, don’t steep food into hot casks of oil. Although the frying basket is coated with some little oil, the air fryer blows hot air over the food to cook it. If you are continually monitoring your weight and blood pressure, consider using an air fryer.

The modern air fryer is modified such that it requires a minimal amount of oil to operate. Some of the air fryers can use up to 70 percent less fat as compared to traditional fryers.

Maintenance and Reliability

What is more annoying than a newly acquired electric appliance that requires exceptionally high maintenance and service? We would all go for that appliance that will take us at least a year to start shopping for its spare parts. Both of these fryers do not need high-level maintenance from your end. They are capable of lasting for a long time without much effort from you.

However, there are constant complaints among customers of both fryers. They say that the plastic components of these fryers such as the knobs and bowls meant to trap excessive oil do wear down quite quickly. These problems, however, occur after a good number of regular use.


The amount of money you are going to pay for either fryer will depend on the overall reliability, maintenance, and consistent quality results. Air fryers, though not so big as compared to oil fryers, tend to cost more. They are made even more expensive if they come with cutting-edge technology or inventive frying systems.

Pros of Air Fryer

  • They have effective temperature control that makes a particular quick generation of heat.
  • The air fryer comes with an automatic power button for ease and convenience.
  • The amount of oil used in the air fryer is relatively low. 
  • The air fryer is multipurpose. It can bake and roast as well.
  • It is easy to wash

Cons of Air Fryer

  • Some do not have the automatic shut off buttons. If one is not keen, food might get burnt.
  • Some of them have little space that forces one to cook in sets.
  • They may cause your food to dry if not adequately checked thoroughly.

Pros of Oil Fryers

  • Most modern types come with a timer and an alarm.
  • The oil fryers have baskets used to rise out food once cooking is complete. 
  • Some come with a ventilation system that disposes off the awkward odor brought about by frying.
  • They come with filters that lengthen the life of the used oil.
  • Oil fryers come with temperature control responsible for reducing or increasing heat.

Cons of Oil Fryers

  • It requires lots of cooking oil, which is expensive.
  • Quite difficult to clean up
  • The boiling oil can splash on you and burn your skin
  • It exposes the users to higher fire risk

You probably have a budget you have set aside for any of the two fryers. It is, therefore, advisable to flip through the features we have listed and make an informed decision. You may want to completely do away with the fries because you are on a diet. However, an air fryer all you may need to dump that thought.

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